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Day Program runs from Sept - June ( 4 days/week)

Monday - Thursday

Hours : 8:30 am - 3:30 pm  (programming runs 9-3pm)


 *Pre-registration required



*18+ years of age and living with a developmental difference

*Capable of independent toileting and eating

*Capable of participating independently in activities in a 1:6 staff:participant ratio


Meaningful in-house programs will include:

*Cooking - with a focus on Healthy Living, Wellness and Nutrition

*Life skills

*Literacy and ipad/ computer training

*Art, Music, Horticulture, Pet Therapy

*Nature Programs

*Fitness and Yoga

Meaningful Community activities will include:

*Public Library Book Club

*Community Art Pr0grams

*Elementary school connecting programs

*Volunteer opportunities (ie. community gardening, etc)

*Day excursions

*AND MUCH MORE..........

The activities will vary according to individual interests and the seasons.

The centre will be closed for 3 weeks over Christmas

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